I’m SO impressed with how beautiful the mirror looks! I wish I could take a picture to show you, but there’s still tape around the frame holding it together until it dries. I can’t thank you enough for helping me through the process and for being so friendly. (I haven’t always had the best luck with contractors, designers, or service providers, and if I had unlimited funds I wouldn’t even care, but I have to watch every penny!)

I also really wanted to commend Duke for his level of professionalism and the genuine care he took to ensure that I was pleased.

Goodness in people may be a rarity these days, but when it’s there, it can be blinding —even my dad, who dropped by for no more than a minute this morning, could see I was in very capable hands. And thank you, to Steve, not only for hiring such great personnel, but also for taking on such a small and insignificant project as mine and still making me feel valued as a customer.

Adnac Glass is my new go-to company for all things “glass”, and I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. As I slowly continue to tackle more home renovations over the next while, I will know at least one company that I can turn to without worry.

Thank you, again!
L.S.  Toronto,ON

Adanac Glass has done two projects in our home. The first four years ago in our main bathroom. (A contractor we trust recommended them.) The second time we hired them directly — to improve the bath/shower in our guest bathroom. They recommended an excellent solution and executed in perfectly (see photo). I couldn’t recommend more.

M.M. Toronto,ON

Received a custom shower by Adanac that turned out better then my husband and I could have imagined. Not only were they quick at responding to my request, the staff was very helpful, honest and pleasent to work with. They exceeded my expectations.

P.B. Oakville,ON

I had an frameless shower installed last Oct/2017. I am always anxious about calling people to do work in my house because of the problems I have had in the past. I called Adanac for information and they lady I spoke took the time to speak with me about the processes they take. When the guys came to measure and later install, I was extremely impressed at their level of professionalism.

 I recommend Adanac Glass to everyone!

M.B. Toronto,ON

Amazing work. No issues. Enjoying my new shower.

P.B. Woodbridge,ON

Had a couple large mirrors that I needed to replace in the home we just moved into. Called Adanac to receive a quote. They responded quickly and I received my mirrors within a few days!

Thank you Adanac!

T.S Toronto,ON

Great company!

L.B. North York,ON

I have a 10 ft shower stall in an awkward location. There was a small leak in an inaccessible place that caused mould. No one wanted the job. Adanac came, removed the glass, cleaned up any remaining mould, installed new metal strapping and a door sweep and reinstalled everything. The glass was taller than expected and they called in a third person to help. They were fast, did great work and were just all round good guys. I highly recommend Adanac and would use them again. I found Adanac through a designer friend and have told her how happy I am.

J.A. Toronto,ON

It was difficult to find back-painted glass backsplash installers in Toronto and a web search landed on Adanac. They came and measured the area (quickly and professionally, used a laser level) and the glass was cut two weeks later. They were flexible to my rare installation schedules because I work at client sites. The installers finished quickly and were very professional, were courteous and communicated well. All measurements were correct – my worries about fitting the electrical outlets was not needed – everything fit perfectly.

J.   Toronto,ON