Glass Barriers, also known as Sneeze Guards, are now being utilized in retail applications to limit person-to-person interactions between employees and customers during the corona virus pandemic.


If you need a sneeze guard for your own retail or office application, contact us. We now offer a full line of tempered glass barriers, ready to be customized for any application.


Sneeze guards and glass dividers customized for any application. 

From retail, to hospitality, protect your guests and employees.

Also known as sneeze guards, glass shields were originally invented to prevent contamination at buffets and self-service food counters but are now being deployed to safeguard person-to-person interactions for a variety of applications.

Adanac Glass now offers a full line of customizable sneeze guards and glass dividers to meet this expanded demand. Whether in food service, retail, hospitality or other industries, we can fabricate a sneeze guard to meet your needs.


 Tempered Glass: The Cost-Effective Option

While acrylic or plexiglass guards are much more prevalent, tempered glass is a far more durable option—and is often very similar in price to other alternatives. Tempered glass is shatter resistant, scratch resistant, and perfect for high-traffic environments such as retail and hospitality industries.



Low-Iron Glass Offers Increased Clarity, Transparency

Adanac Glass can fabricate your glass divider and sneeze guard solution with the highest transparency levels through its low-iron glass option. This specialized process modifies your glass’ iron content to minimize tinting, while increasing natural light flow and clarity—all of which are paramount within a commercial, interior setting.



 Project Elements to Consider

If you’re looking to implement a glass divider and sneeze guard solution, but you aren’t sure where to begin, Adanac Glass can help you design and customize your project.

Adanac Glass will help you find the perfect solution that suits your budget and requirements. If you’re considering adding a sneeze guard to your business, contact us for a quote!