Please be aware that some samples shown may have discounted in the time of posting. We continue to do our best to keep our pages as up to date as possible however, we do recommend selecting a few options when looking at the custom glass options.
V.S. TIA 6-10mm
V.S Karma Cristal 6-10mm
V.S. Veina 6-10mm
V.S. Satine 3-5-10mm
V.S. Magma Cristal 6-10mm
V.S. Linea 5mm
V.S. Filla 6-10mm
V.S. Etre 6-10-12mm
V.S. Eclipse 6-10mm
V.S. Cristal 10mm
V.S. Cobra 6-10mm
V.S. Aqui 6-10mm
UG VGL 178 4mm Silvet
UG VGL 553 4mm Estriado
UG VGL 182 4mm Aldeutsch
UG VGL 155 4mm Listral (listral F)
UG VGL 110 T 4mm Point (listral D)
UG PIL 570T 4mm Clear Everglade
UG PIL 540 4mm Flemish
UG PIL 500 4mm Taffeta
UG GNA 0189 3mm Clear Artista
UG 159T 4mm Tulle (listral K tiny)
U.G VGL 070 4mm Master Ligne
U.G 900 T Mandarin (pin head)
U.G 333S T 4mm Stone
Custom Frosted Glass w/ Image
4mm Rain Glass
UG GLA930 4mm Chinchilla
UG GLA SB70 4mm Delta Sandblast
UG GLA 970 3mm Clear Delta
UG GLA 925 4mm Slendervue
UG GLA SB925 4mm Flutes Sandblast
UG GLA 920 4mm Gothic
UG GLA 910 4mm 1/2" Cross Readed
UG CA001 4mm Clear Cathedral
UG C80 001 4mm Clear Sahara
UG 700T 4mm SQRS