Glass railings have become a fast, growing trend in home design! Each glass railing is custom fabricated to suit the measurements of your staircase area. A glass railing is a great addition to your home design as it allows your space to have an open, picturesque feel.


They’re a stylish and easy way to blend the traditional and modern aesthetic of your home.

HGTV Canada: Sarah Off the Grid – Season 2 - The Media Room - June 2019

Glass railings are also a great, architectural element to add to your exterior decor. If you have a smaller area that you don’t want to fully enclose, we definitely suggest adding a glass railing! Glass railings provide you with function and protection against the ever changing outdoor elements all well providing clean site lines of your home.

If your looking to enclose your exterior entrance with glass? Head on over to our Glass Porch Enclosure’s page for more information!

Please be advised, we are no longer taking inquiries/quotation requests for interior or exterior glass railings at this time.
We are hoping to pick this product back up in the New Year!