Glass has made a huge impact on home design in recent years. With home design changing to a more modern appeal, glass has helped transform endless spaces both practically and aesthetically. From interior to exterior, glass is easily used in multiple applications. Glass partition walls, shower glass to glass railings and so much more, glass is the clear choice (pun fully intended) when you want to make a statement.

Our most common glass requests we offer are;

  • Regular/Clear Glass

  • Starphire Glass (Low Iron Glass)

  • Grey/Smoked Glass

  • Bronze Glass

  • Frosted/Acid-Etched Glass

  • Non-Glare Glass

  • Edging & Trim Options

Adanac Glass will fabricate mirrors to your exact specifications! The standard finishing edge is polished edges. Polished edges is a smoothing process done to the sides of the mirror to eliminate all rough edges. If you want something more decorative, you can consider adding a Beveled Edge. Beveling is a decorative frame-like detail on the face of the glass. Beveling is available in the 3 different sizes shown below.


Mirrors are the best kept secret in design! Mirrors are not only used for practical reasons, they’re used to transform a room. They attract all natural light while adding dimension, height and the illusion a room is larger then it is. The taller the mirror, the larger your space will feel.


Our most common mirror’s that we offer are;

  • Clear Mirror

  • Low-Iron Mirror

  • Grey/Smoked Mirror

  • Bronze Mirror


Looking for something more unique?  Head over to our decorative glass samples examples!