Tired of having to take your pets to grooming services each month? It’s time to save that money and invest in a pet shower. It will quickly become one of your favorite utility items within your home. Once you’ve owned a pet shower, you won’t understand how you ever lived without it!

Save your back and knees from unwanted pains. Save your hands from the freezing cold water from your backyard hose. Our animals give us so much love that it’s time we give back to them with a luxury spa experience in the comfort their home.

Pet Shower
Pet Shower

Pet showers are best placed in mudrooms, laundry rooms, garage or any secured, outdoor spaces. These spaces will help contain your animal from bringing mud or dirt into your clean home. We also recommend having your contractor make an elevated surface to make it easier for you to bathe your animal.

Keep your animal and homes fur-ever clean!

This product has been approved by our Barketing Manager and Junior Pawject Manager 🐾